Syracuse Trustee Posts On Fab Melo Memorial Message Board That His Death Isn't That Sad Because He Cheated In Class

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Imagine being such a miserable fucking person that you log on to an internet message board after the death of a 26 year old to tell people to stop being sad about it because one time he cheated in a class? And cost a basketball team some wins in the history books? Syracuse trustee (allegedly) Joyce Hergenhan really giving us an inside peek at what it’s truly like to live such a sad sad existence.

Then again I guess this is the kind of attitude you need to be a trustee/booster for a big time D1 program? If I learned anything from Happy in Blue Chips which is what I base 90%* of my knowledge of college athletics on it’s that these people live and die for the well being/money making prospects of the team and care about literally nothing else. So Joyce is on brand here if nothing else.

Plus I never thought I’d see it done – “I am always sad to see someone die so young…HOWEVER” is a next-level “But!”

I guess I’ll be the one to say it since Cuse’s own trustees won’t, RIP Fab Melo.

*The other 10% is The Program.

[via Deadspin]