Red Wings' Gustav Nyquist Might Want To Be A Little Less Obvious Next Time He Tries To Carve Somebody's Eye Out With His Stick

Hopefully Nyquist has a few chores around the house he can get to over the next month or so because he certainly won’t be playing hockey. Gonna assume the suspension coming here is double digits at the very least. Unless he’s out there method acting to play Tim “Dr. Hook” McCracken in a new Slapshot movie, I’m not entirely sure what he was thinking. I mean, I’m all for making hockey violent again but this is a chicken shit move. Guy crosschecks you from behind, by all means go ahead and punch his face repeatedly until he’s barely recognizable. But to use your stick as a spear and try to get up and under the visor? Again, chicken shit. Wouldn’t expect anything less though from some Eurotrash pussy like Nyquist.