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Minnesota's Jordan Murphy Tried to Kill C.J. Gettys With This Dunk Yesterday


I know not a lot of people were locked in on Rutgers/Minnesota yesterday, but Jordan Murphy tried to kill C.J. Gettys with this dunk and you can’t tell me otherwise. Murphy is 6’7″ and a sophomore from Texas. Gettys is a 7’0″ grad transfer, who Kmarko fell in love with last year heading into the NCAA Tournament when Gettys was at UNC Wilmington.

Lesson to be learned here. If you’re 7’0″ don’t try to take a charge. If you’re 5’0″ don’t try to take a charge. Just make a play on the ball. Also, don’t jump with Murhpy because he will put you in a Barstool blog (posters are so 1990s).