James Dolan Playing The Kazoo Like An Asshole Takes Us Into The Weekend

If that video doesn’t make Knicks fans’ blood boil after this week, nothing will. For anyone going to the game tonight, this is when we let James Dolan know how much we despise him. “Charles Oakley” and “Fire Dolan” chants from the pregame layup line until the postgame show. Only take a break during the anthem and if you have to piss. Actually you know what, you can keep chanting while in the bathroom. But honor Old Glory with some silence.

Also I will be at The Garden tonight around 6:30 or so to get fans thoughts about this whole situation and maybe start a chant or three. After that I will be attending my last Knicks game until James Dolan sells the team. A man’s got to have a code, right?

#FireDolan #FreeOakley