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Is TJ McConnell The Clutchest Player Of All Time? Well, It Hard To Say. But Also, Yes

TJ McConnell has been so good this year that LeBron James has basically been on his hands and knees begging the Sixers to trade him to Cleveland. LeBron pretty much said, “TJ McConnell is the best point guard in the NBA right now and if I have any chances of repeating this year and winning another championship, he will be the key to that success”. Those are his words, not mine. He sealed the deal for the Sixers’ 19th win of the year last night and he also hit this game winner against the Knicks back in January. Which led Joel Embiid to ask this very pressing question.

Now I’m not going to get up here and pretend like I’m some sort of basketball historian. With that being said, I’m all but positive that Timothy John McConnell is a better basketball player right now than Michael Jordan ever was. That’s not an opinion. That’s simply a fact. Joel Embiid said so himself and who are you to disagree with him? Why else do you think LeBron wants McConnell so bad? He’d be the yin to his yang. McConnell has great hair, LeBron has none. McConnell’s DNA is a pure strand of clutch gene. LeBron couldn’t even hit the clutch on a motorcycle.

It’s pretty cool with TJ McConnell is doing right now. The Eagles suck. The Flyers suck. The Phillies suck. And just when you think this was going to be one of the worst years in Philly sports history, TJ McConnell and the 76ers come in to save the city by going 19-34 through February 10th. I mean, really.. who has it better than us right now? Name me another city in the entire US of A where at least one team is still bad but not THAT bad at all times. We’ve got it made in the shade, baby. So easy being a Philly sports fan that I almost feel bad for the rest of the country. Trust The Process.