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Cash Me Ousside Girl Is Now In A Kodak Black Music Video, Back On Dr Phil, And Twerking On Instagram To Over 3 Mil Followers (Oh Nooooo)

XXL Mag – Danielle Bregoli, the 13-year-old girl who became a viral sensation thanks to her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil, is the star of Kodak Black’s new video. The young lady behind the “Cash Me Outside” meme gets to be the centerpiece of Kodak’s “Everything 1K” video. Bregoli posts up with a luxury ride, flaunts some cash and lip-synchs Kodak’s rhymes in this new visual.

So yes you just witnessed a 13-year-old white trash girl sitting all adultlike on a car in a the music video of a rapper previously arrested on sexual assault charges just a few days after she fought someone on a Spirit Airlines flight and threatened paparazzi. It’s a real roller coaster of both A+ parenting and great life choices but also a hell of a publicity blitz. You can totally give me or the media shit for covering this girl and blowing her up but I’m intrigued at every move she’s making because I feel like we’re witnessing some version of the new American Dream.

For example, today our heroine Danielle also makes her triumphant to Dr Phil‘s show where she first found all her internet fame:

Which means that, yes, there probably will be at least one more followup blog on Cash Me Ousside girl. I want to be sorry but I also don’t want to lose my spot as the Woodward and Bernstein of white trash viral fame teens. I also stumbled upon the fact that Cash Me Ousside girl has a merch store and honestly some of the shirts are fire:

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 9.34.04 AM

If you think I didn’t HEAVILY consider stealing that Champion-inspired one for the Barstool Store, you simply don’t know us. But the big update, one that freaked me the fuck out when I saw this on Instagram…the Cash Me Ousside girl is 13 and straight up HOEIN on social media. Her main handle isn’t too scandalous but I guess on Instagram Live she’s been doing shit like twerking in her bra and letting dudes count the rings on her taint. The less said here the better but jesus fucking Christ dude this girl is OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL. I get her mom sucks given how she’s trotting this girl out there and based on that airplane incident she’s just as big of a trashbag in life but how do you not recognize that you are raising the very definition of a ticking time bomb. And the most social media savvy one ever, I mean are you fucking kidding me with how many Instagram followers she has?

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 9.42.53 AM

Follow at your own risk, I feel like I’m being spied on by the government every time I open my Instagram now. But at this point you’re a fool if you’re not tuning in to see how this turns out. She’s either going to be Kardashian famous or an all-timer viral cautionary tale not seen since the days of Rebecca Black. Like yeah I hope she figures her life out and all but if she’s not let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride.

PS The Kodak Black song was fire, almost seems beneath him to use this chick. Maybe she’s actually going legit? What a fucking world man, feel like I’ve thought that more times in this blog than I have any other.