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MSG Security Silences Fan For Chanting "Free Charles Oakley" During Rangers Game, Tries To Kick Him Out

First thing’s first, yes, this dude is a douche for playing the “I’m smarter than you, you’re just a security guard” card. Just a dick boy move that almost automatically makes you the loser in any dispute or internet video.

Almost. Lucky for this dude, on the other side of the coin is James Dolan and his Gulag at Madison Square Garden. How big of a fucking thin skinned LOSER do you need to be to send security after 2 drunk finance bros rallying a chant of like 20 people at a hockey game? More importantly, how STUPID do you have to be? If you let these two idiots chant, whats the worst that happens? A couple bloggers like myself maybe, maybe, post the video for a laugh? The chant wasnt even that loud or effective. Now, instead, its more news and headlines because MSG will attempt to kick you out of a paid event for starting a chant. Now, you’re REALLY gonna get fans chanting just because they know how much it pisses off Dolan. Just so fucking incompetent and pathetic.

Thats the ultimate irony when it comes to James Dolan. For the last 15 years he’s enforced these bizarre media restrictions. To the point of paranoia. Spies and mandates. Doors closed to anybody and everybody in an attempt to control the Knicks narrative and perception. Meanwhile THE KNICKS NARRATIVE AND PERCEPTION IS LITERALLY THE WORST IN SPORTS. Exceptionally backwards thinking.