It's Up To Knicks Fans To Bring Their A+ Chanting Game Tonight After Rangers Fans Chanted "Charles Oakley" Last Night

Video of the fans that started the chant allegedly being silenced by MSG security.

#FreeOakley #FireDolan #LGR

KFC blogged about this earlier, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the situation.

This has to be rock bottom, for Dolan and his network of foot soldiers right? Everything they do just adds gasoline and napalm to the fire. The Mets and Jay Horwitz have fucked up PR spectacularly over the years, but they have never gotten to this level. We’ve gotten to the points where fans of other teams are chanting for Charles Oakley. By pulling the quick hook and banishing The Oak Man from The Garden on Wednesday, James Dolan mistakenly made Charles Oakley more powerful than Dolan could have ever imagined on some Obi-Wan Kenobi shit. Now Oak is more than just a beloved Knick that gave everything to the franchise. He is now the symbol of the opposition to Dolan’s tyrannical reign. He’s the black Katniss Everdeen. The masked dude from V is for Vendetta. Motherfucking Braveheart. Madison Square Garden is one of the rare buildings that can still give you goosebumps when it’s absolutely rocking, whether it’s because there is a big game or the locals are ready to riot. Plus who doesn’t love getting drunk and chanting? Every great night of my 20s involved at least 5 loud chants breaking out. The 2006 Mets season is missing that extra little ummph if the Jose Jose Jose Jose chants don’t rock Shea (before the pitch we do not speak of ended it all in an instant). 19,812 getting whipped up into a frenzy is James Dolan’s worst nightmare.

Which is why I’m not surprised MSG security came over and tried to kick these people out for doing nothing wrong. Sound familiar? Yeah it sounds just like some communist KGB bullshit. But it also sounds exactly like what Oakley said happened on Wednesday night. Plus Oak swore on his mother that he didn’t do anything wrong. I told you that was as good as money in the bank. But it doesn’t shock me in the least. The Garden has been a shady place since Dolan took over. It’s like Pride Rock under Scar’s rule. Censoring the fans was probably high on their corporate goals for 2017 even before all this Oakley stuff went down. And it’s not like these guys were chanting “Fuck Dolan, he’s the biggest piece of dickless horseshit on the planet and I hope he rots in hell forever”, even though they could and probably should have. They were simply chanting Charles Oakley. James Dolan really is a much uglier, sleezier, dumber, eviler, fatter, more unlikable, worse at playing the kazoo version of Terry Benedict.

And let me just take a minute to thank Rangers fans for coming out and supporting the Knicks in their plight against James Dolan. Sure there is a chance that the Rangers fans that did this are also Knicks fans. However I think this is bigger than that. The Rangers and Knicks fans share a brotherhood as being fans that root for MSG teams. Both have had to live with that evil stepdad James Dolan for years and even though Oakley never played for the Rangers, it was about thumbing your nose at the guy that has given both franchises years of misery. The Rangers have been in a much much muchhhh better place than the Knicks as of late. Which made it so awesome to see their fans answer the call of supporting the Knicks in their time of need. Hell, Knicks fans are even on the same side as the goddamn Banana Boat crew and famous Knicks haters Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley (I’m also sure they don’t mind twisting the knife in the Knicks that are run by James Dolan and Phil Jackson while Melo’s career slowly fades into oblivion).



Meanwhile we still have Phil continuing to tweet in fucking riddles, except one of the interns at The Garden seemingly showed him what emojis are.

What a fucking joke. The one good thing about this entire saga is it wiped every little rumbling about a Melo trade off the back pages, so that’s a positive I guess.

As for tonight’s game, I expect Knicks fans to be ready to chant Charles Oakley and Fire Dolan until they sound like Pres the day after the Pats beat the Seahawks for the Super Bowl. Rangers fans answered the bell last night, now it’s our turn. This season is already a joke as it is. Lets make ourselves heard for the last 14 home games. Like obnoxiously heard. And if you are going to a road game, make yourselves heard too. That will piss off Dolan even more. Even non-Knicks fans are welcome to join in. Plenty have said they are behind the movement because
A. Who doesn’t love Charles Oakley?
B. Who doesn’t hate James Dolan?

And regardless of if you are going to the games or screaming at home like a crazy person, you can support the cause by purchasing a shirt. Can you imagine Dolan’s face if all of MSG was wearing one of these three shirts? It would be even more disgusting than it usually is.