The Opening Scene Of Always Sunny Was The Hardest I've Laughed In A Long Time

It’s no secret that pretty much everyone at Barstool is a huge Sunny fan but I just had to give some props to the intro to last night’s episode because I was cackling with laughter and rewatched it three times before I even finished the rest of the episode. Hell, before I even hit play on the episode I was laughing out loud simply at the title, “Hero or Hate Crime?” It’s an instant classic and funny every step of the way, particularly when they’re debating what offensive words can’t be said and Mac’s new bike.

I’ve been saying this for over a decade but what these guys are doing is INSANE. They’ve been on for 12 years and are still delivering week in and week out like it’s an easy thing to do. Hell, I’d even argue that this year, their TWELFTH YEAR, has been the best yet. There have been exactly zero misses. Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer? Ten. Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare? Ten. The Gang Turns Black? Ten. In fact, most people’s favorite episode is The Gang Goes To The Water Park and I thought that was the slowest one of the season. It’s so great that people are debating whether episode’s are just great, or the greatest.

I’ll keep saying this until I’m blue in the face, it will leave my tongue with my last breath like I’m fucking William Wallace, if you’re not watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia then you need to start. Tonight. Start tonight.