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The Lady Who Yelled "Finally!" In This Bubba Trick Shot Video Is My Favorite Person In The World

I don’t give Bubba Watson too many compliments but I’m about to give him one right now so get ready. PERFECT caption on that tweet, Bubba. Perfect. “Wait for it” absolutely nailed it. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Because the lady who yelled “finally!” probably waited 3 hours for that to go in. Laugh out loud funny cause it completely ruined the video. Trick shots are only cool when paired with the illusion that the person did it on the first-ish try. Someone yelling “FUCKING FINALLY DUDE! JESUS CHRIST!” rips that illusion away completely. Bubba either didn’t notice she said it or he’s too obsessed with saying “you’re welcome” that he didn’t care. Either way, it’s hilarious. Seriously. How long and how many takes do you think they did out there? I bet it was at least 2 hours and 150 takes. Bubba just refusing to leave until he gets the shot he wants and driving his friends (and their wives) insane in the process.

PS- Every time Bubba Watson says “you’re welcome” a puppy dies. It’s true.