The "Pick-Me-Up Slice" Is The Best Type Of Pizza, America Is Smart!

FB - This infographic showcases data from the last USDA study done on the consumption of pizza. According to their research, over HALF of all pizza is eaten as a snack.


I’m so glad there is finally data to back up what I knew all along. America is smart! The majority of pizza is eaten as a snack. I could not agree with the data more. Real news! I love pizza any time. I will eat a few slices for lunch. I will eat an entire pizza for dinner. On a Sunday still shaking the hangover, a pizza with all sorts of sides is a walk-off grand slam in game 7 of the World Series winning meal. But to me, the best slice of pizza is the pick-me-up slice. The “walking home from the Subway to your apartment” slice. Just eating a nice dollar slice on the walk home, music in your headphones, not a care in the world. It makes commuting instead of working from home so much better. It clears the mind and fills your soul with delight. Or the slice you eat after you get home from work but before you make (hahaha, make) order dinner. When you just grab a leftover slice out of the fridge. It makes your mouth feel like a million bucks. It just hits the spot. Pizza has a way of making everything better.

As for the rest of the data, I certainly did not need to be judged by that infographic with the “who are you people” jab at eating pizza for breakfast. During football season, pizza was my breakfast quite literally every single Monday. I’m proud of that. Sometimes I would have pizza at home, then get to work and there would be boxes of leftover pizza there and I’d have a couple more slices. So the answer to “who are you people” is quite simply hard working Americans, thankyouverymuch. Happy National Pizza Day, my friends.