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The Curse of Deflategate Claims Another Victim


I don’t have any hatred in my heart for D’Qwell Jackson. The man who intercepted a Tom Brady pass and allegedly started Deflategate was just a patsy. A fall guy. A useful tool of scumbag conspirators like John Harbaugh, Mike Kensil and Ryan Grigson.

But still, the Curse of Deflategate just claimed another victim. It doesn’t discriminate between the guilty and the innocent. It destroys everyone who was involved. It’s like the Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, bringing evil down upon anyone who touched the treasures that were disturbed.

Harbaugh hasn’t made the playoffs since. Kensil is in exile, and a laughingstock. Grigson is dead. Bart Hubbach is dead. ESPN is bleeding subscribers. Kelly Naqi hasn’t been heard from since she made up the fake K-ball story. And on and on. Now this poor rube Jackson got suspended for PEDs and cut by a terrible, terrible defense. I’m sorry he had to be a victim in this. But sometimes, you’re only pawn in game of life.