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Now Brady's Jersey and the Game Ball Might Be Loaded on Some Truck?


TMZNew info has come to light in the hunt for the Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey … and could all come down to the search of an 18-wheeler that was packed up right after the game.

TMZ Sports spoke with law enforcement sources involved in the search who tell us they are “hopeful” the jersey was put on a team equipment truck destined for Boston. …

Our sources tell us the truck is scheduled to be unpacked in Boston on Thursday and cops are crossing their fingers the #12 jersey turns up!

Oh, and James White’s missing game-winning touchdown ball? It’s very possible that it could also be on the truck.

What the actual eff? So two of the most important treasures in the world are still missing. And now presumed to be in the back of a semi stuffed with rolls of medical tape and dirty jocks? Not only being driven around like they’re nothing, but careening East up Rte 90 in the middle of snowmaggedon. With no one but a sleep-deprived Teamster hopped up on amphetamines to keep them from being lost forever in a calamity.

How could we possibly be handling like this? Law enforcement sources just casually telling this to TMZ like it’s not a thing? This is a Broken Arrow scenario if ever we’ve had one. And we have to get every available man on the job before they fall into the wrong hands. Trump needs to send out the National Guard. We need roadblocks. Lay out stop sticks. Track this truck with GPS. The country deserves to know that these two sacred relics are safe.

Doug Mantkiewicz steals the World Series ball. Putin steals Mr. Trump’s ring. Now Brady’s jersey and the winning ball might be lost in a blizzard somewhere. I know we win a fuckton of championships around here. But we need to take better care of our precious historic items.