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The Governor Of Michigan Appoints Richard Posthumus As His Chief Of Staff

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Lansing – Gov. Rick Snyder today appointed Dick Posthumus to serve as his Chief of Staff. Posthumus, a former state legislator and lieutenant governor, has served as Snyder’s Senior Advisor since Snyder took office 6 years ago.

“Dick is an unwavering public servant whose positive attitude and commitment to teamwork and the reinvention of Michigan have already helped steer Michigan’s comeback over the past six years,” Snyder said. “There are few people in this state who can compare to Dick Posthumus when it comes to having a depth of knowledge about state government and how it should be serving the people of Michigan.”

Normally the naming of the Chief of Staff of the Governor of Michigan wouldn’t really be bloggable news but this is different.

We have parents naming their kids DEAD DICK! His name is Dick Dead for Christ sake. Imagine going through life with your name being so fucked up. Imagine the torment that young dead dick had to go through. Just an outrageous name for a person to have.

Him going by Dick instead of Richard is a bizarre move anyway. I’ve never understood why people with the name Richard CHOOSE to go by the name Dick instead. Uncle Dick. Mr. Dick. Just self-own after self-own after self-own. Fuck that. What a horrific name.

Dick Posthumus. Incredible.

(I know that it’s missing an O but it’s closeafuckingnough)