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Great News: You Can Now Sign Up For The Dominos Wedding Registry

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CA - In its latest move, the company has created its own wedding registry. Registering at lets pizza-loving couples stock their wedding wish list with Domino’s menu items instead of fine china or a new toaster.

Friends and family can choose from a variety of pizza-related gift choices. Examples of gift packages include “Thank You Card-a-thon,” “Bust Out the Fine China,” and “The Wedding Night.” Guests can also purchase a catered bachelorette party for $60 or a $15 “Married by Chill” pizza.

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Honestly this is one of the better ideas I’ve seen in a long time. It’s just a completely different way of selling giftcards. Nobody would ever give a Dominos gift card as a wedding gift. It’s tacky…wait no, I got this…it’s cheesy. Boom, nailed it. But really, everyone knows that everyone eats Dominos. It’s the go-to guilty order at 9pm on a Sunday when you just don’t give a fuck anymore. You finally recovered from the hangover, and are shaking so bad because you need food in your body after a rough day with the commode. So you order 2 medium pizzas, wings, garlic knots, and lava cake, turn on HBO, and have yourself a “DGAF about life” feast. So now, thanks to Dominos being smart, you can take all of that, and parlay it into married life. You’re gonna order a shit ton of pizza after you’re married anyway, so might as well have someone else pay for it. Sure beats Aunt Glenda giving you a new pair of oven mitts. You’re just going to use a towel and risk burning your hand anyway, might as well get pizza.