A Chick Standing There And Filming As Her House Burns Down Is Like A Million 2017 Metaphors At Once

There’s genuinely a million metaphors or analogies you could break out using the video here. It’s like people on social media complaining as they’re contributing to the ruination of everything, it’s like people sitting idly by and watching as America burns to the ground, it’s a perfect summary of how people are more focused on making content for Facebook or Snapchat than their own well being (and the well-being of poor Mr Mittens who’s licking his crotch or scratching a sofa somewhere and has zero clue how close he may have come to being Fancy Feast fricassee). She’s the actual human embodiment of the “this is fine” meme.

But more than anything it’s amazing how absolutely dumb this chick is as she’s doing it for the Insta while her house is burning down at alarmingly fast speeds right in front of her eyes. The YouTube uploader says she’s a “stoner” but that seems like a convenient thing to blame for her complete failure of reaction time. To me this seems more like a case of panic combined with idiocy combined with social media narcissism combined with a complete lack of understanding on how efficiently and deadly fire works. That fire is seconds, not minutes, from breaking through the door or substantially weakening the house until it collapses on her head or the smoke choking her out and that chick is there running around like “Whoa, this is some wild stuff” and unwittingly about to rope her friend Natalie into a game in SAW by trapping them both in the room there. These are the people we are in society with and relying on in society every single day. 2017, what a world.