If This Super Bowl Ad You Missed Doesn't Make You Cry Real Tears, You Are Dead Inside

I can never remember a year where there was less talk about Super Bowl ads. I’m not the biggest fan of them anyway. Even if I don’t have a rooting interest in the game, the non-football parts of this most sacred holidays are much more a time for alternately filling myself and relieving myself of food and booze. But I spent this last Sunday in a fugue state, like everyone else I know. So I’m only now just catching up on all the extras I missed. Like Lady Gaga, what announcers said, and the ads.

Like the rest of the country, I didn’t even catch this Hyundai commercial, because it was the first one to air right after James White broke the plane in overtime. So I was occupied with running around hugging loved ones and shrieking like a car alarm. I wouldn’t even know it existed were it not for someone asking me, as part of a military family, if I’d seen it.

Well now I have. You can keep your ads with the puppy who runs away to be with the horse and the fat guy who falls out the window because he likes chips or whatever. This is the greatest Super Bowl ad of all time, hands down. Because it’s honest. These people are real. The emotions are real, without being exploitative. And the technology is absolutely astonishing. You didn’t have to be missing someone because they’re off serving to appreciate the genius of this. But if you were, here’s to you.