Julian Edelman Mic'd Up Shows He Was in Glass Case of Emotions at the End of the Game

Enjoy this while you can. The way the NFL’s Rapid Deployment Force of media goons scrubs these videos, this thing should have the lifespan of a mayfly. It might last longer on YouTube, but regardless it’s not long for this world. The good news is it’s just the teaser trailer of the sprawling epic that will be the “Sound FX: Super Bowl LI” coming up tonight at 8.

Holy moly, is it possible to run a wider gamut of emotions in the span of a few seconds? Edelman was on the emotional Hulk Coaster there. From the elation of celebrating with his spirit animal, only to have Brady freeze him out, to the rage at all the trespassers on the field, to cockblocking Amendola’s manlove to trying to get Belichick to slow his roll until finally the sweet release of tears as the coach gives him magnificent news. Just acting out a range of feelings Daniel Day Lewis couldn’t pull off.

If this is any indication – and it is – tonight’s show is going to be 10 tissue Patriots Porn.