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George Lopez In Hot Water For Saying Mexicans Don't Marry Black People And Telling A Heckler To "Sit The Fuck Down"

BREIBARTComedian George Lopez lashed out a female audience member who was apparently offended by his racially-charged jokes. “There are only two rules in the Latino family,” Lopez said Saturday night during a live show in Phoenix. “Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.” Video posted by TMZ shows a woman in the audience giving Lopez the middle finger and appearing to be offended by the comic’s pun. Lopez apparently saw the woman protesting his set and proceeded to offer her some pointed advice: “Sit your f*ckin’ ass down! Sit your f*ckin’ ass down! I’m talking, b*tch. You paid to see a show. So sit your f*cking ass down!” But the former ABC star’s harsh demands appeared to enrage the woman even more. Determined to take back control of his show, he doubled down: “You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherf*cking place,” he said as the crowd cheered him on. “Sit your f*cking ass down or get the f*ck out of here,” Lopez warned. Toward the end of the clip, Lopez apparently had the woman removed from the building. “I tell you what, I’ll make the choice for you. Get the f*ck out of here,” he said as the woman was escorted from her table. “Four seats just opened up front.”

Don’t you fucking hate when there’s a controversy and you end up siding with the guy who totally sucks? Aside from actually kicking this girl out, I am unfortunately Team George on this one. Actually kicking someone out of your show who paid money is pretty unforgivable. And overreacting to a heckler like that when you’re supposed to be able to dish it and take it as a comedian is a bitch move. Its like blocking people on twitter or making your account private.

So, I absolutely do not side with him on the actual kick out. But as far as the joke and the razzing? I’m there with him. A Mexican dude saying Mexican people traditionally dont like black people is joke. Its a bit blunt. Maybe could be a little more nuanced. But as someone whos blunt and totally lacks nuance, I can’t knock him. Its a racial stereotype that (I think?) is true. People joke about that ALL THE TIME. The difference is George Lopez is just a shitty comedian. The old “Its not racist if its funny” rings true here. Dave Chappelle does it – its hilarious. Geroge Lopez does it and hes an asshole. If George Lopez didnt suck, he’s probably in the clear here. He does, so its a problem but ultimately he’s not an evil racist he was a comedian attempting a joke.

The same applies for the back and forth with the heckler. Again, not exactly subtle or clever. “Sit the fuck down, bitch” isnt exactly hilarious. But when people want to heckler they open themselves up to the ad libbing of a dude on stage who doesnt want to look bad. Its like Francesa destroying dumb ass callers on the FAN. They want to become a part of the show, they become subject to any and everything that goes on during that act. Again, if he was wittier, he would have handled her in a funnier manner, and nobody would be offended. But anyone paying money in the year 2017 to see George Lopez live either A) actually liked him and gets his humor, which I would imagine is joking about Mexicans, or B) should really not expect much from his act because he’s George Fucking Lopez in the year 2017.


George Lopez is a shitty comedian, not a deeply hateful racist. But, he shouldnt have ejected anyone.