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Soft ISIS Terrorists Are Getting Out Of Fighting By Citing Bad Backs And Headaches

Fox NewsHeadaches, bad backs and general malaise are plaguing the ranks of ISIS, with jihadists calling out sick from the fight to save their caliphate, according to a report.

Foreign fighters in particular seem to be going soft in the face of an offensive led by the Iraqi national military, Kurdish fighters and international forces. Documents discovered in recently liberated sections of Mosul show how the fair-weather jihadists go to great lengths to get out of combat.

ISIS terrorists mailing it in. Faking injuries to get out of battle. Classic, a tale as old as time. Just when you think you’re tough because you enslave women and murder innocent people you remember you’re actually just a common product of collective thuggery. You remember that because you’re a massive coward you will parade around filming videos with AK-47s and white pickup trucks, but shrivel up and hide when confronted by the good guys. You’ll bail citing headaches and back pain. You bring doctors’ notes to battle.

Headaches and back pain? What are you 70-year-old women?

Here’s a quick reminder of what President Trump thinks of these guys:

Last month, President Donald Trump called ISIS fighters “sneaky, dirty rats.”

Another proud day for the badass, mentally-giant good guys.