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NFL Network Says That 80% Of The Signs At The Parade Are Anti-Goodell

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.27.16 AM

Shoutout to everyone in Boston today showing out and making sure your Goodell hate his heard. Sure, you could’ve stayed at home and waited for next year and hoped for better weather, but this one was a special one. Fuck anyone who says we should get over it and it happened years ago, I will never get over Deflategate. I already want to win the 2017 Super Bowl just to have the chance to boo Goodell again and just to have the chance to look at signs saying fuck him again. And guess what? Since you’re so dedicated I’m gonna make sure you get a new tshirt out of it. I know, I know, so nice of me. Give me your money.

PS – They also said Matt Patricia was wearing a shirt from “a popular sports site” because apparently NFL Network is scared to say our names. You can buy it here.

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