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LeBron Called The Rumors Of A Melo-For-Love Trade Trash, As Well As Frank Isola For Reporting It

Watch out Franklin, there’s a new sheriff in town! Frank Isola must not have any kids, because LeBron came at him guns ablazing for a trade report. That’s not how to talk to a father! I’m surprised Lebron didn’t finish up that interview with the El Pres “Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang” after dropping that assault on Isola’s face.

Plus it’s not even like this is the first time Isola has reported that Kevin Love was going to get traded to the Knicks. He apparently does it every year, like the groundhog coming out and trying to find its shadow.


Now if LeBron wants to go down this road with Isola, that’s his prerogative. But just be warned that Frank has McLovin’s head on a spike at his cube at the Daily News.






Now as for the actual sports side of the story, I love it. Either the Knicks trade for Love, LeBron looks like a liar since he is the actual GM of the Cavs, and the Knicks then have an asset like Love they can swap to any team since he doesn’t have a no trade clause. Orrrr they won’t trade Melo to the Cavs, probably get about 25 cents on the dollar for him and we find out that Phil Jackson again overplayed his hand in the trade market. Shit, that is actually going to happen, isn’t it? I don’t like that second scenario one bit.

Fuck this franchise.

P.S. As I was writing this blog, I found out the Vine of Dolan playing the kazoo was officially killed and I almost cried. I can now use that snippet but it’s not the same. May Dolan Kazoo Vine rest in peace in internet heaven forever and ever.