The Patriots Receivers Were Feeling a Little Disrespected, Apparently


Wow. Talk about feeling all the feelings. Edelman and Amendola activating their Wonder Twins power, with Chris Hogan as their Gleek. Running the gamut from the “I love you”s to the “We ain’t good enough!!!” and “We can’t make no other fucking team!”

Just a perfectly blended emotional cocktail of equal parts joy, defiance, pride and disrespect with a triple shot of 100-proof bro love. This is something to file away in a few weeks when Mel Kiper has the Pats taking a wide receiver in the first round like he does every year. We don’t need some elite wideout with a multimillion cap hit because he wows the stopwatch crowd at the Combine and Mel thinks he can “take the top off the defense.” Give us guys with grit and balls and we’ll watch them roll around in confetti year after year.