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My Friend Expected An All Olive Pizza At My Super Bowl Party And Im Still Shook About It


For the past few years, I’ve had the same group of pals come over for a Super Bowl Party. I have a projection screen in my garage so we all watch the game on a movie theater size screen. It’s pretty dope.

Usually, this group of friends makes great food. We’ll either smoke ribs, briskets, or pulled pork. Nice little spread every time we get together. This year, because I was smoke checked from the week in Houston, we decided to just order pizza and make wings.

When the pizza gets there, my pal Chris walks to the boxes of pizza and says, “which one is the olive pizza?”

The fuck? I could see asking this question if you had admitted that you’re a big ass weirdo before the party. If I had received a facetime earlier that week that went something like..

“Hey Chaps, when it comes to pizza…


I’m all about letting your culinary freak flag fly but you gotta let me know. You gotta prepare me.

You can’t just assume that an olive pizza would be there. Are there really people on this planet who order just olive pizza? I mean, I know that people like olives on supreme pizza and shit but a pizza that is only olives and cheese is some serious serial killer shit. People take a dump on ham and pineapple pizza all the time (the best pizza there is) but they let these olive pizza monsters walk around with us in a fucking society with no repercussions? This can’t happen any longer.

I hate to pizza shame my pal but he deserved it.