Casey Anthony Pops Up At An Anti-Trump Rally!

Fox NewsAnthony, who famously was cleared in the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, joined a march in West Palm Beach that ended near the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort Saturday evening, according to the news station.

The video showed Anthony, 30, wearing glowing wristbands, alongside protesters wearing similar necklaces and wristbands. She appeared to have a black cap on backwards.

She would not speak to the camera but said she opposed Trump’s policies, WPTV added.

Casey Anthony! Hey babe!





Tough to be the rally organizer here. You’ve been at it for weeks trying to push the turnout, telling everyone you know, SHARE SHARE SHARE on Facebook, then boom… the famous Casey Anthony strolls in. Glowing wristbands and all. Oh great, the child killer’s on our side. The child killer believes in what we believe. The child killer doesn’t want Trump.

Tough luck but then again, possible spin zone: Trump is so bad even the child killer thinks he’s gone too far.

PS — If you tell me you haven’t jerked it to Casey Anthony I tell you you’re a liar. Freak flag city.

PPS — If you do bang Casey Anthony, be sure to wear a rubber folks. Like extra extra extra sure.