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A Dick's Sporting Goods In Atlanta Put Out Falcons Champion Shirts And Hats During The 3rd Quarter Of The Super Bowl

I’m not sure how fans in the South handle stuff like this, but I know if this happened in New York there would be a full scale riot. Every Modell’s in the city would be burnt to the ground and we’d be pissing in the ashes (Sidenote: Are there even any Modell’s left in the city?). Sure thinking that a couple of people hating their lives as they work the night of the Super Bowl could effect a game being played hundreds of miles away is silly. But sports is silly. Especially when it’s the playoffs or the motherfucking Super Bowl. If you aren’t superstitious, you aren’t a real fan. Okay that’s extreme. If you aren’t superstitious, you aren’t fucked up in the head like myself and millions of other sports fans are. You can tell me that superstitions aren’t real. But the Mets went about 36-8 and made a World Series when I wore a suit before their games in 2015. So it’s real to me dammit!

But the fact that FALCONS FANS were the ones that pulled this stunt is beyond crazy to me. If New England stores did this once the Pats tied it up late in the 4th, I could have lived with it. A bunch of championships gives you a little bit of wiggle room. But Atlanta?!? Really? I mean all we hear from Bomani Jones is how the Falcons are forever fucked. The best part of every Falcons meltdown is Bomani just shaking his head and telling you it would happen on Twitter before, during, and after it happened. And instead of me rifling through a billion of his old tweets for examples, just take my word along his ramblings on Highly Questionable a few months ago.

Though to be fair, Dick’s wasn’t the only one that jumped the gun a little.

Anyway, it was nice to see what the Falcons championship gear looks like before it’s shipped to Zimbabwe or whatever they are doing with this stuff now.