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This Cheerleader Joyously Doing An N-Bomb Cheer On Snapchat Is Such An Absolute Idiot Move

I’m generally of the school of thought that kids are mostly okay these days and more so just victims of social media existing and creating a culture that leads to fuck ups sometimes, similar things would have happened to any generation if they had the same circumstances. But something like this absolutely blows my mind as to how dumb this chick is. Same thing as the blackface parties in colleges where kids are smiling and taking pictures…at a certain point you’re almost too dumb to exist. You live and you see people around you getting in trouble, you know Snapchats are far from safe even though they claim to magically disappear, and you’ve grown up seeing people get shit for stuff on social media. Even ignoring how shitty the content itself is, it’s just idiotic as much as anything. If you’re willing to light your future on fire for some shock value Snapchat, you deserve to get your whole world blown up and having someone cash you ousside.

And it also is dumb because she looks EXTRA racist with how she’s laughing and smiling along while putting that chant together. If you’re saying an n-bomb with that much glee in your heart and you’re not in a Hollywood remake of Mississippi Burning, there’s a real chance you’ve got some serious hate in your heart. And the cheer wasn’t even that good. I’m seriously questioning the artistic direction of this latest Bring It On sequel.

(h/t MTO)