If You're Going To Get Disqualified From A Tennis Match, Drilling The Umpire In Face With A Ball Is A Pretty Good Way To Go Out

We’ve all been there before. Maybe you just lost your 6th straight game of Madden and you spike the controller to the ground and don’t realize what you’ve done until it’s shattered into a hundred little pieces. Maybe you throw your phone against the wall in anger and don’t realize what you’ve done until you see your lifeless phone just laying there dead on the ground and now you have to go back to using an iPhone 4 and everybody can tell how poor you are because the picture on your snapchats won’t fill the screen on everybody else’s phone. Something glorious happens when you are overcome with rage. It’s an outer body experience. You lose control, Hulk out real quick and do some super human shit. Like this right here is a 1 in a million shot.


Clearly our guy here can’t even keep the ball on the court. You really think he can drill the umpire with a perfect no-scope headshot like that without the power of rage? Heck no. If there was a way to harness rage, put it in a pill and sell it as a drug? That would be a billion dollar industry. I guess steroids are the closest thing we have to that but pure, uncut rage? You can take over the world on that.

Sidenote:  how about this squirrel ass umpire?


Sure, he got absolutely smoked in the face with that ball. But watch him look around to make sure everybody noticed first before going back to writhing in pain. Just gauging the scene, seeing how hard he needs to sell this one to get the most sympathy points out of the crowd. Squirrel City.