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Charlotte McKinney Finally Dumped Em Out For A Photoshoot, Do Pictures Count As A Must Watch?

Charlotte McKinney’s been quiet for a while now for whatever reason, not a lot of new content coming from her after she tried to go legit with Dancing with the Stars. So to see this hitting the internet from out of nowhere dropped late on a Friday like a press release someone wanted to bury is a little baffling. I’m not sure what the end game is for a girl like Charlotte McKinney since she doesn’t seem to have a ton going comedically or as an actress but I just want to see more of her (literally in this sense or figuratively). She’s got a top 10 body in the game right now, perfect face, the perfect combo of hot and vacuous, what more can you want in an object of affection you’ll never meet? So yeah I’m going to say that the pic above is a Must Watch and now I’ve only got three left this year now. Risky strategy to burn two Must Watches so early in the year but dammit Charlotte you and stripper powerbombs worth it.

Here’s hoping this leads to a big 2017 from Charlotte McKinney. Nips out before Valentine’s Day seems like there’s a whole world of opportunity in front of her now, kind of like the groundhog seeing his shadow. Maybe it means six weeks of labia, who knows.

Definitely just got lost in the sauce there and posted way more pics than intended, I probably could look at her Instagram for the rest of the day without a care in the world.