Can I Ask A Stupid Question About This Lady Performing A Super High Dive On A Cruise Ship?

I need to check and make sure we’re in the trust tree on this one. Are we there? We are? Okay good. Cause I’ve got a question about this lady doing a super high dive on a moving cruise ship that is hurting my brain. Here it is. Why doesn’t the ship just sail out from under her when she jumps off the platform? Am I missing something? Gravity and reality tells me that as soon as she jumps, she is then effectively off ship. She’s off  the ship and both her and the ship are then free to move as separate objects. Therefore the ship should advance and she should stay in the same place causing her to land in a different spot. I’m not even saying she should’ve ended up in the water. I’m saying she should’ve ended up landing on a different part of the ship (and gotten REALLY REALLY hurt). I feel stupid even bringing up the question because I’m clearly wrong. She obviously dropped straight down, landed in the pool and everything is fine. My brain doesn’t think that’s how it should’ve ended up.