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A Highlight Reel Of White Guys Unable To Dunk From A Trampoline Set To "I Believe I Can Fly" Is Very Hurtful

I’ve never tried a trampoline dunk so I can’t say how hard it is or isn’t. But watching this video of these white high schoolers completely botch every single dunk attempt is not a great look for whitekind. Twenty years after Woody Harrelson so bravely proved that white men can in fact achieve things above the rim and Brent Barry cemented it a few years later, we’re right back to a bunch of kids making everyone lacking in melanin look like dicks, and on Black History Month no less. They’re celebrating their past with reels of amazing athletic and social achievements and we have these doofs settling for layups after hitting a virtual rocket booster. Bad look, even if this kid finally hitting a dunk might be the feel good moment of the year:


Well feel good moment of the year for all the lily white fist pumps in the room, probably the “I injured my retina from rolling my eyes so hard” moment of the year for the one black guy in attendance in the background.

Also the best part of the video is obviously every time one of the guys goes up for a second try. You can see the determination in their faces, that they know they should be able to slam one in with this gigantic boost from a trampoline, and they still simply can’t do it. That kind of failure in the face of determination, that’s poetry in motion for someone who really savors bathing in the disappointment of others.

(h/t David)