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David Ortiz Was Fired The Fuck Up During The Patriots' Super Bowl Comeback

I’d probably die of a heart attack if David Ortiz announced that he was coming out of retirement. But if I absolutely have to accept that he’s never coming back, then I’ve gotta say that I love the retired version of David Ortiz. This guy gives NO fucks. Under no social media constraints by the league or the Red Sox, Papi’s just letting it fly and pulling back the curtain to reveal his true personality, which made him one of the beloved teammates that a professional athlete has ever had. Try being in a clubhouse or a locker room with a guy who has that much energy and not get fired up. You can’t.

Side note — I still can’t believe the fucking Patriots won that game. They had a 0.4% chance of winning the Super Bowl with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. They looked like absolute shit for 90% of that game, and they needed literally everything to go 100% right for them in the fourth quarter. That’s exactly what happened, and I’m still not really sure that I believe what I saw. The Patriots just won a Super Bowl that they never had a lead in while the clock was running. Unbelievable. Let’s fucking go, indeed, Papi.