The "Stranger Things" Kids Were Just As Excited As We Were When Their Super Commercial Aired

Just when you thought you could’n’t love the kids from Stranger Things more than you already did. They go and adorably watch their own Super Bowl commercials and flip the fuck out. Love it. Mark Wahlberg and a bunch of other stars had a movie trailers air during the Super Bowl. Do you think they were jumping up and down and hugging each other afterwards? I’m gonna say probably not. These kids are some of the most popular TV actors on the planet right now and even they can’t believe it. Genuine excitement from them and it warmed my heart. Also, I’m SO FUCKING EXCITED for Stranger Things season 2. Part of me was thinking they should just leave it at one season because it was so damn good but that’s not how TV and movies work in 2017, If something is good they’re squeeze as much out of it as they can. More power to them. That commercial got me all sorts of amped up.