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This Poor Tinder Chick Must Be So Sick Of Getting The Same Obvious Joke About Her Name


I’m sure in its origins the name Ramya is some beautiful thing in India (okay I Googled after I wrote this sentence and it literally translates to “beautiful,” neat how great I am at speaking Indian). But it got me thinking about how many times she must have heard that joke in her life when you’re on Tinder. In real life you probably don’t even make a joke about her name, it really isn’t that crazy or anything. But you see it laid up like that on Tinder, no clue about anything else to converse with her about, it’s got to be hundreds maybe thousands of times she hears a “YEAH I’D RAMYA REAL GOOD SWEETIE” or some similar interpretation and she’s only 18. If she’s single for ten years of her life, that number easily gets up to the tens of thousands. Bottom line: when naming your child in the future be mindful of how that name will be used by people trying to fuck them. It’s a cold world out there just waiting to Ramya at every turn.

AND WHOA WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE another of the internet’s preeminent Tinder blog! And it’s Friday so that means one thing: Double the Spags double the pleasure and check out the latest episode of Swipe Drunk Love while you’re reading:

Soundcloud link is here if you’re into that. This week’s topic was a Valentine’s Day/holiday survival guide but it was a really good episode with me, Smitty, and tit monster Alyssa Rose. Check it out. If you like the Tinder blog you’ll be a fan, that’s a real #SpagsPromise.

And of course make sure to follow me on Twitter to DM in your screenshots and without further adieu on with the blog:


(via AC)


I don’t like this kind of mindfuckery from hot girls (via TJ)


So I take it this is not Toni Morrison based off the second part (via BP)


Okay what the fuck is going on here?? (via A)



(via JM)


When you try to be good at innuendo but it ends up just coming out as “I’m a ho” (via TGM)



She might be joking but this is the year of lady murderers so #staywoke (via CU)


I would put my alma mater USC girls up against anyone but Miami would be a hell of a showdown (via BM)


She must be thinking of the Jesus Christ Superstar interpretation of Jesus (via Jews for Jesus)


That’s pretty fire as far as a deaf girl bio goes (via EC)


It’s wild how Cuck has become a standard word people throw out there (via AH)


This girl is hot as hell but as a rule of thumb if you see an Italian girl who liberally uses the flag emoji you know she’s the crazy fighting Italian type (via DM)


(via TLS)


This was not covered on Zack and Cody’s TV documentary on the subject (via JD)


Hi internet its me your ol pal Spags…I’m gonna need an Insta here and I’m gonna need it ASAP (via EDL)


If you’re posing in a vagina and not an adamant Hillary supporter than you’re not doing your job if we’re being honest (via GH)


Honestly I just loved this photo, no other reason to include her here (via DF)


She seems pretty chill (via AT)


Shannon you’re way too pretty for this bio, figure it out (via MH)


She didn’t even have to say the “Spitters are quitters” part for me to think that a self-proclaimed chunk Aussie au pair would give one hell of a blow jibber (via MA)


I feel like that’s a weird way for your friends to describe you if given the chance but that’s just me (via GM)


This week’s reminder that a trans girl with a beauty job is a very unfair advantage (via TS)


Cheerleaders on Bumble who don’t know how to wear suspends correctly is a new one (via CC)


The amount of books being used to cover erections in her class must be absolutely outrageous (via JD)

And onto the hot and NSFWish ones…


Pro: High quality butt shot. Con: The spelling of her name makes me feel dyslexic (via AC)


Officially approved social media follow of the week here because that booty simply does. not. quit. (via JT)


The #SpagsPromise, every set of nips on dating apps but especially those of hot dog moms (via C)


I bet she’s a plumper and this “master” shit is weird but I won’t lie: I’m intrigued (via ZD)


Gee, can’t imagine why Lil Dicky might have RTed this busty 18-year-old Spags Promise (via KT)


Bio is cliche as fuck but she genuinely does look like she’s going to be a great MILF (via ZG)


It appears someone took a bite out of the wrong thing in this photo (via M)


The mom she works for must love her and definitely not make nonstop passive aggressive remarks to her husband about her hiring (via A)


Choker plus a pierced #SpagsPromise = Boner jamz (we’re bringing back boner jamz) (via MW)


This #SpagsPromise seems like the kind of girl who always talks about how she’s glad she doesn’t have big boobs so she can get away without wearing a bra (via MWJ)


(via AB)


Wild proportions for a 4’10 chick (via E)


Blind people can have #SpagsPromises too, we don’t discriminate (via TDL)


The Instagram being cut off here makes my heart hurt (via A)


It is wild that she has this much tit meat showing and you’re still not seeing nip (via AP)


Love a good barista #SpagsPromise, quality enough that you won’t even care if she spells your name correctly on the cup (via JG)


She could turn around and not have a face and I’d still be in (via CC)

And there we have it, another one in the books. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and DM in your screenshots, enjoy the Super Bowl (especially you blessed lil Pats fans), and happy swiping!