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100 Barstool Party Tickets And 3 Tables Now On Sale Now For Tonight

I’m sure all the Stoolies are gonna freak out. COMMON MAN MY ASS! Fuck Barstool. Hey Newflash it’s the hottest fucking party in Houston, the hardest to get into, and the most hyped up event. It’s Superbowl week. Everything is ridiculously expensive. You’re paying these prices regardless of what party you try to get into. Party tickets are almost as expensive as game tickets. The party cost a shit ton to throw and is just to show that we’ve officially arrived. We partied for free all week at Kirby Ice House. Now this is the grand send off to give the bird to ESPN, Maxim etc. Yes it’s expensive. Corporations will probably buy the tables. I get it. That’s just life in Houston and if you’ve ever gone to an event like this you know these are the prices of everything. At least with us you’ll get your money’s worth.

PS – The table includes 12 tickets so when you do the math it ain’t that bad.

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