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A Day In The Life Of Glenny The Totino's Tourist - Part 3

pizzzza rolls

Yesterday was an interesting day to be a Totino’s Tourist. I was basically at Johnny Manziel’s mercy all day long due to the timing of the video we had to film, so I needed to do something quick. As a current college student I decided hitting Houston’s local schools to see what they’re like would be interesting. Rice and Houston were my destinations.

2014 Hawaii Bowl Champs baby!!

Rice Truck

Snuck into Rice Stadium for a grand total of 30 seconds. A door was open which led directly to the field so my tour guide and I took up that opportunity. I didn’t even get to the 20 before some dude came up to me and said the ATF had already raided the whole stadium before the Falcons practice so I had to GTFO. Sad! The architecture itself was decent. A tad dated. That scoreboard looks like it went through the Great Depression. Yet, decent stadium for a small school like Rice.

Stands rice

scoreboard and endzone thingMechanical Engineering.

class rice


rice class selfie

We’re onto the AAC.

U of H

Horseshit bookstore. Not even a sniff of an Olajuwon jersey.

bookstore houston

Real sad state of affairs for this McDonald’s at U of H. Can’t go head to head with a Chick Fil A. Poor bastards.

chick n mic

Go check out the Vagina Monologues on February 16th!


Athletic Facility. Brand new. Must be nice to be rich.


Phi Slamma Jamma. Read a book.

phi slamma jamma

Women’s Basketball court. Very interesting that the men and women don’t share a court. Aristocrats.

womens bball

This guy was way too shook to play me 1v1.

mens bball

Still lookin at dem titties thoooo

weird pose

Needed a Political Science fix.


Come at me, bro.


That exterior is pretty goddamn sweet.

stadium exterior

Big fan of this stadium for the minimal sights I got.