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Hey Uber Driver, No Rush, I Have Nowhere To Be Tonight #HollaIfYaHydrate

What a wild text to get after the Uber driver accepted my request. I guess I need to just tip my cap to the fact he pulled the “accept the Uber call, pull into Sunoco” move. I didn’t call or text him, he sent that to me. Complete with the three dots like I was a huge inconvenience to him. Amazing. Like, hey man, sorry to bother you. My b! Didn’t mean to force you to accept my request. I’ll simply stand outside for 10 more minutes when it said you were 2 minutes away. That’s on me, bro. Take your dear time my guy. I imagine if this happened to Portnoy he would legit try to kill a motherfucker. Luckily I wasn’t in a rush, but I cannot imagine if I was hard pressed to get somewhere and my Uber dude pulled this move. Fake it til you make it I guess, but man, those 3 dots like I was troubling him are truly something.

PS: He picked me up in a mini van. 2 stars. #HollaIfYaHyrdate