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Get Ready To #HollaIfYaHydrate With A New Swipe Drunk Love Tonight At 10PM, Watch Live And Call In At (646) 627-8450

It’s a huge #BarstoolRundown week in Houston with tonight as the capper on Barstool’s first big week on Comedy Central. So why not get the party going a little earlier with an all-new episode of the internet’s number one live dating podcast Swipe Drunk Love at 10PM on the Barstool Sports Facebook Live?

Every week you get me, the people’s hardo Smitty, and chesty human woman Alyssa Rose opening the vault about our worlds and giving out quality advice to people who occasionally have reeeeeeally fucked up dating lives. It’s a fun show, different than a lot of what we’ve currently got going on Barstool, and the three of us (along with Tex and Mikey Flash) are doing what we can to make it worth a listen/watch every single Thursday.

This week in addition to your calls we’re talking about a Valentine’s Day/girl holiday survival guide. How do you handle a holiday or birthday coming up? What do you have to do for a chick you’ve dated briefly versus a long-term significant other? What are some good last minute lazy ideas? It’ll be some real practical advice along with some trainwreck discussion, what you’ve grown to expect from our little live show that could.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 10PM on Barstool Facebook Live to warm yourself up for the blowout #BarstoolRundown Live from Houston finale. And you can catch up with last week’s Dating Apocalypse episode week here (or on Soundcloud):