Really Love This New Brad Marchand Highlight Tape

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a naive little bitch. I’m fully aware that if Brad Marchand were on the Philadelphia Flyers, I’d be looking for ways to spin this to make it look like Brad Marchand is just misunderstood here. But he’s not so I don’t have to. And as the old saying goes, “if it looks like a rat and it plays like a rat, well then it’s probably a rat”.


I’d very much like to see Grayson Allen take a DNA test to see if Brad Marchand is the father. And you hear people talk about it all the time. Brad Marchand has 54 points through 54 games so far this season. He was a key player on Team Canada’s World Cup gold medal team. He just played in the All Star Game. He’s not a guy who needs to be pulling stunts like this. Yet there’s just something in his blood that has him addicted to the rat life. And even if that’s the case, there are better ways to go about being a rat than by taking people’s legs out from under them. Whitney said this on last week’s Spittin Chiclets. Punch the guy in the face because at least then he has a chance to retaliate.

So now we wait and see what happens. The NHL continues to just opt for fines instead of suspensions. So if the league isn’t going to be sending a message to Marchand, you have to imagine that eventually an enforcer will by going out there to fix that rat face of his.

h/t @HockeyWebCast