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Rival Soccer Fans In Holland Arranging A 20-On-20 Fight Is So Goddamn Awesome

Daily Mail- This shocking footage shows violent football hooligans fighting in what appears to be an organised brawl. A ‘Fight Club’ culture of hooliganism is breeding among European football fans, police warn, with deaths from the organised dust-ups only a matter of time. The warning comes as a video emerged of rival fans fighting a brutal hand-to-hand battle on some deserted land.

Hooligans from the current Dutch league leaders Feyenoord and those from AZ met each other in an arranged fight on a field in the city of Alkmaar, in the north-western part of the Netherlands. The video shows the Feyenoord hooligans in black, and those from AZ arranged in white. On the battle cry of ‘Feyenoord Hooligans!’ the groups then charge at each other. The lines quickly descend into a chaotic melee, with hits and kicks flying in all directions. A police spokesman said: ‘We have no idea whether anyone injured went to a hospital,’ and added that they were considering whether to investigate the fight as a criminal matter.

The scrap was an example of a phenomenon known as 20-20 fights, well known to the Dutch police. The pre-arranged fights see 20 combatants on each side meet according to a clearly defined set of rules, which normally excludes the use of any weapons and hitting or kicking those already fallen to the ground.

Now this is how you fight, soccer hooligans! I mean lighting fireworks off in each others’ faces as the cops invade the stadium is entertaining. But I’m more of a fan of the planned 20-20 fight. The slow burn. It’s like back when you were in school and there was a fight scheduled by the buses after school was over. Everyone gets to plan out their strategy, the anticipation builds throughout the day, and it would feel like a legit event that would usually lead to some incredible fights. Same goes for these soccer guys. They get to choose their best 20 fighters, color coordinate their clothes, put what I imagine is their fight coaches in non-contact orange vests, get their chanting game down pat, and have their best cameramen to document the fight. It’s perfect. Probably bring the fighters 21-25 on the power rankings I mean without such organization, we wouldn’t have gotten such a clear shot of this dude getting sniped out of the air his flying Liu Kang kick.

Or these two guys trying to act like sophisticated boxers before each getting their blocks knocked off.

The sport of soccer takes a lot of heat for a lot of shit and most of that heat is deserved. The games can be boring, the amount of ties stink, and the flopping makes any level-headed American turn into Jeff Van Gundy once the stretcher comes out. But soccer has a few things figured out. The World Cup is great. I believe every league should have relegation. And 20-20 fights are AWESOME.