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The Video Of President Trump Flashing The Lights In The White House To Signal He's Watching Fox News Is Wonderful

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 9.52.38 AM

Adorable! Now, we don’t know for sure that it was actually the President turning the lights on and off in the White House to signal that he was watching Fox and Friends, but I sure as shit want to think that it was him. Just imagine that smirk while he’s flicking the lights. “Ratings on this are gonna be yuge. Believe me. The people love when Donald Trump shows his lighter side.” And he’s right about that. The people do love it.

If this was Donnie, you have to imagine that the Secret Service folks are losing their minds. People are creatures of habit. I know it. You know it. Nutjobs know it. People knowing which room the President watches TV in during the morning can’t be good for operational security.

That being said, I’ll always be thankful for the image of Donald Trump standing in the residence wearing nothing but his briefs with his dick hair hanging all over the place while he’s sipping black coffee and eating plain white toast and giggling his ass off while flicking the lights on and off. It’s just too perfect.