Dwight Howard Had The Time Of His Life Making "It's All About The D" Dick Jokes Last Night

This is how I know I that my hate of Dwight Howard is beyond repair. Usually if an NBA player is making a dick joke on live TV, it will at least get me to crack a smile and most likely have me acting like Dennis Schroder’s weird-haired ass. I mean that’s what Barstool is all about. More than a few of those bricks that Pres built this company on are dick jokes (even if one baby dick joke almost made it all come crumbling down). So me thinking “Shut the fuck up Dwight” during this video is proof that I will never like Dwight Howard’s fake ass no matter what he does. Actually I reserve the right to change my mind on one condition only: He helps the Knicks win a championship.

Okay you can stop laughing now. But still, fuck Dwight Howard.

P.S. Sup?


P.P.S. Sup rescinded after learning this is friend of the program Sam Dekker’s girlfriend and daughter of Kevin Harlan, which makes her NBA royalty. I blame Dwight Howard for sexualizing a perfectly good postgame interview. Fuck Dwight Howard.