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Hot Actress in the "Jumanji" Reboot is Forced to Defend Her "Super Sexualized Outfit"


I’m trying. I really am. I think I speak for most guys when I say I want all the millions of indignant, fed up, vagina hat-wearing college womyn and ultra-concerned suburban moms to be assured that we are doing our level best to keep up with where they’re drawing the line. But every time we find it, they erase it and move it on us.

Trying to be a good, sincere, approved supporter of women is like living in a building where they keep changing the passcode without telling us. They decry slut shaming. Organize Free the Nipple protests. Rail against any guy that dares suggest he chooses to not watch Lena Dunham get naked on HBO every week. And they try to get anyone fired for being a Fat Shamer/Skinny Shamer for daring to admit some model isn’t their type. But let a super attractive actress wear a belly shirt, and they force her to explain herself or feel their wrath.

By way of full disclosure, Karen Gillan is one of my favorites. And has been ever since I first saw her as Amy Pond in “Doctor Who.” Her adorable blend of wide-eyed, Scottish Ginger charm is irresistible. Even shaving her head and hiding her under tons of blue paint as Nebula in “Guardians of the Galaxy” could not dim her radiance. And it bears mentioning, in case the Movie Costume McCarthyites at The Mary Sue put it out of their minds, Karen Gillan is a grown-ass woman. Wearing a G-rated outfit in what will probably be a PG-13 film. But she’s really pretty, so therefore she’s run afoul of these self-righteous zealots who’d rather see her in a burka than something hot.

My advice to the feminists is if they want more guys to sign up for the cause, quit making it impossible to tell actual right from actual wrong. And leave Amy Pond alone.