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The Deadspin EIC Challenging Twitter Haters To Fights In The Octagon Is An Incredible Internet Moment

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First of all I don’t just like this move from Deadspin EIC Tim Marchman, I LOVE this move. Dead serious. Everyone was coming at his girl Ashley Feinberg for getting owned by Ted Cruz…

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…and he stepped up to take the heat. While she was playing it pretty cool laughing it off with some pretty funny tweets Marchman picked up his lance and his shield and hopped on his white horse to defend her honor. Daring a motherfucker to come at him and fight.

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And yeah I see what the internet is saying, saying this is a bad look and embarrassing. Well I’ll tell you what’s really embarrassing – the fact that I’ve gone this long without fighting any Barstool haters in the Octagon. The fact I’ve let some of our writers get bullied in the comment section, on Twitter, on Reddit, and not once have I challenged anyone to an Octagon fight. It’s been what, 6 months in the office now? And nobody has caught these hands for chirping? Well that changes now. Right now. Seriously I fucking DARE someone to come at one of my guys online today. Come at Big Cat. Come at Smitty. Come at Riggsy. I’m literally salivating thinking about meeting one of you internet tough guys in the Octagon. None of you cucks can even do a pushup I bet, only thing you push up on is the mattress you have on the floor of your mother’s basement when it’s time to walk over to the computer to beat your meat and talk shit online.

A lot of people think “Editor in Chief” means like checking for typos and and grammar mistakes. Oh no no no. Editor in Chief means sticking up for your team and whooping somebody’s bitch ass in the Octagon if they get too Mad Online.

Just a little message to any of you hoes who want to be haters today: