Saturdays Are For The Boys From The Patriots Parade to Tim Allen to PK Subban to Chris Sale and Beyond

Barstool’s Saturdays Are For The Boys Parade was presented to you by the New England Patriots

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Gronk always knows

Tim Allen knows the deal

Chris Sale already fitting in with Boston

Wayne Simmonds, for sure the biggest Stoolie in the NHL

DeMarco Murray kind of gets it

P.K. Subban, legend

Chad Pennington out of NOWHERE

9.2 (.5 deduction for not shotgunning) 

This is what happens when you have a women’s march on a Saturday…. FOR THE BOYS

New York Rangers Michael Grabner, Kevin Klein, and Adam Clendening’s thumb know (get the tanks)

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Duke checking in (buy the flag)

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This smokeshow knows (get Old Row’s SAFTB gear)

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This kid knows the drill (baby and kids gear now available)

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I see no lies in this picture (buy the shirt)

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Have to start them young

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Asa gets it (shirt)

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As always, a Saturday exception can be made for smokeshows 

IMG_1936 IMG_1937

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is maybe a frat house

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Saturdays Are For The Boys from the party of the CENTURY

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Pats and SAFTB, this kid’s gonna turn out alright

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Not sure I understand what’s going on here, but hey, I still like the flag

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