The Korean Basketball League Did A Mannequin Challenge During Their All-Star Game As It Was Being Played

“Y’all are really paying me to do this, huh?”

I’m sure this video will make Charles Barkley vomit all over the place because everything was better the 90s when players REALLY CARED and the game was for TOUGH GUYS ONLY and all that other mumbo jumbo. But if the NBA doesn’t even take their All-Star game seriously, how in the fuck is the KBL supposed to take theirs seriously? At least in the NBA you have some of the best athletes in the universe pulling off wild moves and dunks. This will probably be the highlight for the KBL until the day Isiah Thomas takes it over and runs it into the ground.

And before people get on Korea for just now embracing the mannequin challenge, you have to add in the time it takes trends to travel to different countries. I bet the reason there was no music played during this is because Black Beatles is still at least a full year from making it to Korea. Viral videos and hip hop music clearly travel at different speeds around the globe, even during this digital age.

Also not for nothing, but the basketball bouncing during the “challenge” completely ruined everything for me. Clean it up, Korea. If you are going to be late to the party on a viral trend, you have to knock it out of the park.