Aziz Ansari Went In On Donald Trump And The "Lowercase KKK" During His SNL Monologue

So Aziz Ansari hosted his very first SNL on Saturday. Hosting SNL is a yuuuuuuuuuge deal for just about every actor/actress/comedian out there (athletes not so much cause it’s not really the same). Even though the show has lost some of its luster in the social media era it’s still viewed as a career achievement for 99% of the people who host it for the first time. Those people grew up watching the show in the 80s and 90s just like the rest of us. We’ve seen all of our favorite stand ups from the generation before host it and that’s what makes it special for this generation of stand ups. So Aziz had all of that on his mind and oh yeah it was the first SNL since Donald Trump was officially president AND the very same day of the Women’s March that saw like a billion people protest the new president. That’s a lot for a 33-year-old comedian hosting SNL for the first time. I thought he crushed it. Others will surely disagree. Others will say that celebrities like Aziz speaking out on politics is what got a guy like Trump into office. That’s fine. I just enjoy watching a thoughtful person be able to comically sum up a situation in a single monologue.