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The World is Claiming that Trump Stole Part of His Speech from Bane

The Internet is going ballistic over this eight word phrase as proof that Trump has to be a supervillain who’s going hide a fully-armed neutron bomb with a blast radius of six miles somewhere in country and detonate it unless we take control of the corrupt elites or something. But let’s have a grown up conversation about it. There are only so many word combinations you can use to make the point you’re giving power back to the people. And this is just a coincidence.

That said, Bane was the balls. He got stuff done. He was the agent of change Gotham needed. He got control of the crooked stock exchange and a police department that was ripe with corruption. I could’ve voted for Bane easier than just about anyone in either party last year. So The Donald could do a hell of a lot worse than to plagiarize him. But if he was going to rip off, I would have gone with “Do you feel in charge? I am Washington’s reckoning. Here to end the borrowed time you’ve been living on.” That would have sewn up the 2020 race right there.