This Dog Reacting To His Family Facetiming Him While On Vacation Is Way Better To See Than 'A Dog's Purpose'

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I said in my last blog that I had the feeling today was going to be an annoying day with the Inauguration back and forth and bawwing from some. But you know what? This dog somehow not only seeing his family on a phone but getting a giant dog smile going might be the key to keeping my head above water. That is pure unadulterated dog joy that you won’t see in A Dog’s Purpose. In fact, based upon that video of how they get dogs into the water on set, the only way you’re seeing a smiling dog in that movie is if one of the handlers gave a poor pooch the Joker “Let’s put a smile on that face” move. Hiring Mike Vick’s old crew as ASPCA set advisor was a regretful move for a production but hindsight is 20/20.

Anyway shouts to this dog for embracing technology and being adorable doing it, brightened my day. And shouts to his ancestors too who had to work with far lesser tools, may they never be forgotten: