Pixar Released A Video Basically Confirming That All Of Their Movies Take Place In The Same Universe

I have to admit that I geek out for shit like this, whether it’s different movies or TV shows existing in the same universe. I remember going nuts when Steve Urkel showed up on Full House, the Jetsons went back in time to visit the Flintstones, and loving any sort of cross-movie reference in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse. Hell even yesterday’s Barstool crossover podcastception was cool, even though seeing that we can sync up a live satellite radio show with a podcast in a different room yet cannot make the studios cooler than the surface of the sun was kinda disappointing.

Anyway, back to the Pixar video. I think I saw a few websites that pointed out some of these Easter Eggs (including this solid site with a timeline that a Stoolie pointed out), but never an actual video from a legit Pixar account tying it all together until now. I feel like Pixar did this to make sure our basic brains can pick up on the hard work they did. Like they are yelling at us “Look what you big dumb monkeys missed. We did this for you!”. The Nemo doll is obvious when you rewatch Monsters Inc. The same restaurant appearing in two movies with different spellings, not as much. Nonetheless it’s a very cool gimmick that will continue until either humanity ceases to exist or Pixar and Disney go bankrupt (banking on humanity killing itself off first).

And for the record, here are my Pixar Movie Power Rankings (this was much harder than I thought it would be):
1. Toy Story- GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT. It’s Toy Story and Lion King when it comes to my favorite Disney movie. Current Leader = Lion King because my kid has watched Toy Story at least 100 times in the last month. Having the TV raise your kid makes life easier but it ruins some of your favorite movies.
2. Inside Out- Cool ass idea that may or may not hit you in a different way or terrify you when you are married and/or raising a daughter. And yes this definitely feels like a little recency bias but I loved this movie.
3. Toy Story 3- It’s not often an animated movie can kick you right in the goddamn feels like Toy Story 3 does. But there were a few points where I thought tears may flow. Also Andy choosing to bring Woody to college over Buzz was a great moment for myself and everyone else on Team Woody (admittedly not the best team name of all-time).
4. Finding Nemo- Could probably move this down a slot or two. But name recognition and the fact that salt water fish fascinate me like I’m a 5-year-old gives it this spot.
5. Monsters Inc.- I feel like I loved parts of this movie and didn’t give a fuck about parts of this movie. But Boo remains one of the cutest characters in movie history and having monsters scare kids because screams power their world was genius.
6. The Incredibles- Haven’t seen this in forever but I feel like this is the right spot because I loved comics growing up and super hero flicks now.
7. Up- Feels low for a movie that I remember really liking. Maybe it’s because the first five minutes had me contemplating suicide.
8. Toy Story 2- I obviously liked Toy Story 2 but I hate all the scenes with Al, The Round Up Gang, and the Buzz that didn’t know he was a toy. Oh yeah and fuck Stinky Pete, that goddamn snake in the grass. Same for Lotso in 3. At least in 1 Sid owned being a psycho monster.
9. WALL-E- To be honest I thought this would be higher because I think WALL-E is criminally underrated. But Pixar makes nothing but the hits, nothing but the hits, nothing but the motherfucking hits (10 Clem Coins to whoever knows what that is from). WALL-E is the goddamn man and an inspiration to guys everywhere that you can end up with the girl even if you are a big ol’ pile of shit. It just takes some hard work, a nice personality, and a shit load of luck (like being the only other being alive for light years).


10. A Bugs Life- Meh as fuck.
11. Ratatouille- Meh as fuck and worse than A Bugs Life.
12. Monsters University- Monsters Inc. meets Revenge of the Nerds but not nearly as good as either of them.
13. Finding Dory- I realize how ridiculous this is to say about this movie and not all the other ones on this list. But I can’t get over how SPOILER ALERT Marlin and Nemo flopped around the park and how a fish were able to drive a car at the end of the movie. Again, on a list of movies that include toys being alive, monsters being real, balloons making a house fly, etc. etc. the fish driving the car was the bridge too far for me. Plus as you can see by this list, short of Toy Story 3, I really don’t like sequels of Pixar movies.


Brave- Because I hated the commercials not because I hate gingers. Some of my favorite coworkers are gingers! Chaps is my boy and Francis AKA Ginge is already starting to grow on me.
Cars 1 and 2- Never had any interest in seeing them even though I heard they are solid. I know I will end up watching them soon since I am an idiot and became a parent.
The Good Dinosaur- I technically watched 10 minutes of it and hated the shit out of it. Still can’t believe that was a Pixar movie. Fuck The Good Dinosaur and if you are down with The Good Dinosaur, fuck you too.